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Cooking Instructions

Basic Cooking Instructions

Please note every oven is different so the following are just guidelines.

Ham Cooking Instructions:

Note: Our hams are home-smoked and fully cooked; all you need to do is just warm them through to bring out the home-smoked flavor.

  1. Preheat oven to 325°
  2. Place ham in a pan, add about ½ inch of water to the bottom of the pan
  3. Cover ham and place in the oven
  4. Bake for about 18-20 minutes per pound ~ until ham is warmed through

You can add your own glazes or sauces as you wish

Prime Rib Cooking Instructions:

  1. Buy a meat thermometer and Au Jus concentrate
  2. Preheat your oven to 425°
  3. Season your prime rib (salt, pepper, garlic powder) – if not already seasoned
  4. Put a little water at the bottom of the pan (NO more than ½ inch)
  5. Place in oven at 425°, uncovered, for 30 minutes
  6. Drop the heat to 300°, covered, for 18-20 minutes per pound
  7. Use a thermometer to determine if the meat is done to your liking by testing the center of the meat (rare 145°, med 160°, or well 170°)
  8. Cut and serve to your hungry guests

Roast Beef or Shredded Pork Cooking Instructions:

Note: Our Shredded Pork and Roast Beef Au Jus are fully cooked.

  1. Warm oven to 300°(If using Au Jus, pour over meat – we recommend thinning BBQ or Teriyaki sauce with water)
  2. Keep covered and heat for 18-20 minutes per pound
  3. Enjoy!

Looking for some Recipe Ideas…?

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Monday Lunch Specials:

Homemade Ham & Cheese Casserole

Homemade Hot Ham & Cheese Sandwiches

Homemade Soup:

Chicken Noodle


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